Our collaboration with PlayStation!

We proudly present: Playseat® PlayStation

We are very proud to have a collaboration with PlayStation resulting in two awesome PlayStation branded Playseat® chairs! Our brands strengthen and complement each other, always striving to give all gamers worldwide the best racing experience. With PlayStation racing games and a Playseat® racing simulator, you have the perfect combination for the most fun and realistic racing experience!

We have both a PlayStation edition of the Evolution and the Challenge model, two of our most popular racing simulators:

Playseat® Evolution PlayStation

PlayStation racing fans behold: the Playseat® Evolution PlayStation edition is here! This official licensed PlayStation racing simulator combines the unique Playseat® quality with a stylish PlayStation design, made for the true PS fans, who want to play games like Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, DiRT, GRID, F1 and more the best way possible.

The PlayStation logo is stitched on high quality blue Alcantara, which is used in real race cars! You can adjust the distance and height of the wheel and pedals, to make sure both adults and children can use this racing chair, so all your friends and family members can enjoy it as well. This race seat is very comfortable, stable and highly adjustable. Thanks to its unique foldable design, it uses little space when not in use.

Click here for more info on the Playseat® Evolution PlayStation.

Playseat® Challenge PlayStation

Experience how fun and realistic racing at home can be with Playseat® Challenge PlayStation! This is the special PlayStation edition of the popular foldable budget racing chair Playseat® Challenge for the real PlayStation fans! The seating is coated with blue Alcantara, the material they use in real race cars, to give that real racing feeling!

Thanks to its unique foldable design, it uses little space when not in use, so you can store it easily. Ideal for people who have little space, but want a fun, realistic racing experience! Of course this does not affect the quality, because the Playseat® Challenge PlayStation is a very comfortable, stable and adjustable racing chair, compatible with all racing wheels and pedals available.

Click here for more info on the Playseat® Challenge PlayStation.

Playseat® PlayStation VR

Now that virtual reality has arrived, the level of realism in gaming gets even higher! When you are seated in a Playseat® racing simulator, with a steering wheel in your hands, pedals under your feet and a PlayStation VR headset on your head, you will soon forget you are playing a game. It doesn’t matter where you look, you are inside the car! It’s truly an amazing experience and we definitely recommend everyone to add a PlayStation VR headset to their racing setup!

Feel free to contact us for more info about our collaboration with PlayStation and the PlayStation edition chairs!