E3 2014

E3-LogoPlayseat® @ E3 2014

Ofcourse we’ll be at the E3 again this year and we have some very exciting news, so be sure to visit our stand. Our stand number is 5212. See below what they did at E3 2014.

Playseat® Headquarters E3 Footage

Check out footage from our stand @ E3 2014.

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Special Guests at our stand

We are having a great time at the E3 in Los Angeles! After our new TopGear chairs were announced, some special guests came to visit us at our stand (number 5212 in the West Hall). Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara of TopGear US and former American football player Hank Baskett came by!

Adam Ferrara, Hank Baskett, Tanner FoustFrom left to right: Adam Ferrara, Hank Baskett, Tanner Foust.

 It was really nice to have the hosts of TopGear US and Hank Baskett at our stand, especially because they really liked our chairs. The new Playseat® Xtreme Elite TopGear was – of course – the most popular race seat. We were excited to see their enthousiasm and hear them say they need a Playseat® gaming chair at home. Hank Baskett liked our chairs as well; he spent more than an hour racing at our stand!

Ferrara: “It was awsome! I want a Playseat for myself. Great experience!”

Tanner: “A realistisc experience and lots of fun!”

Baskett: “It feels like you’re really in a super car, it’s a very realistisc experience.”

Adam Ferrara, Fernando Smit, Hank BaskettPlayseat® founder Fernando Smit explains Adam Ferrara about the chair, while Hank Baskett is racing.

New Product Announcements

Playseat® is announcing three brand new gaming chairs! Playseat® TopGear Xtreme Elite, Playseat® TopGear Evolution and the Playseat® and Playseat® TopGear Office seat will make their debut at the E3 2014 expo in Los Angeles.
There will also be a special simulator: the Playseat® Motion. So if you can’t be at E3, be sure to watch our news and product pages for all these new products!

Playseat® Xtreme Elite TopGear
The Playseat® Xtreme Elite is the perfect solution for all in one fixed setups for gaming centers, traveling events and promotions! Features the framework needed to easily setup and transport the Playseat® simulation racing experience wherever it needs to go!

Playseat® Edition Evolution TopGear
Playseat® is pleased to announce its partnership with BBC’s TopGear and will be debuting the new TopGear Edition Playseat® Evolution at E3! TopGear fans rejoice!

Playseat® Office seat TOPGEAR
The new TOPGEAR branded Playseat® Office seat will be shown for the first time at E3! A must for every TopGear fan who wants to sit comfortably in their office.

Playseat® Motion
Playseat® will be introducing its first ever motion simulator at E3 2014! Designed specifically for Playseat® brand seats and engineered with some of the finest motion coding technology available in the industry the Playseat® Motion takes the Playseat® simulation experience to an insane new level! Stop by and check it out first hand!
Be sure to check out this sneak peak video:

Playseat® ProKit 2.0
The new Playseat® ProKit 2.0 TV/Monitor screen support accessory will be debuted at E3! The new stand alone accessory now supports TV’s up to 40″ and larger and allows for 3-screen setups.