Playseat® L33T - PlayStation Gamescom 3-10-2018: New release: officially licensed Playseat® L33T for PlayStation®4!

We proudly introduce the officially licensed premium gaming chair: Playseat® L33T! For the fans that want an enhanced, comfortable and fun gaming experience on PS4™. The chair features the official “PS” logo and the cushions have a relief with the iconic PlayStation symbols.

Check the new Playseat® Forza Motorsport racing simulator here!

New Playseat® Forza Motorsport 12-9-2018: New and improved: Playseat® Forza Motorsport

Meet the new Playseat® Forza Motorsport: evolved in its looks and its feel! To provide all Forza fans with the best and most fun racing experience at home, we have improved the design of the Playseat® Forza Motorsport racing chair.

Check the new Playseat® Forza Motorsport racing simulator here!

Playseat® Formula 1® licensed product 15-8-2018: New release: first ever official licensed Formula 1® simulators!

As global leader in racing simulators, we are excited to announce the launch of the first ever official licensed Formula 1® simulators: blending the exclusive racing DNA of Formula 1® with the unique Playseat® quality!

Check the first ever official licensed Formula 1® simulators here!

Playseat® F1 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing 19-7-2018: New release: Playseat® F1 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing!

This is our updated Playseat® F1 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing simulator, for the true fans of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team. With this official licensed Aston Martin Red Bull Racing simulator you can race like Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo and experience the thrill of racing in Formula 1!

Check the new Playseat® F1 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing here!

Playseat® Project CARS World Finals 28-9-2017: Playseat® at the Main Stage during the Project CARS World Final!

During this year’s Gamescom, we were present at the Main Stage in the ESL Arena during the Project CARS World Final! After a long year packed with epic competitions between the biggest names in sim-racing, the Project CARS eSports season built to a thrilling climax at Gamescom 2017.

Check the photos of the Project CARS World Final here!

Playseat® with DiRT at WRX Lydden Hill 1-6-2017: Playseat® with DiRT at WRX Lydden Hill

DiRT landed their DiRT 4 trailer at the WRX Lydden Hill circuit to give WRX fans the chance to play DiRT 4 against their racing heroes in high end Playseat® Sensation Pro simulators! Together with DiRT we provided the best possible racing setups, which are used at home by professional drivers!

Check the photos and video of the DiRT 4 event at the WRX Lydden Hill race here!

New: Playseat® Evolution Red Bull GRC! 12-5-2017: Introducing: Playseat® Evolution Red Bull GRC!

As a tribute to our cooperation with Red Bull we present the Global Rallycross edition of the popular Playseat® Evolution model, for a unique, highly immersive driving experience and lots of fun! This official licensed Red Bull racing simulator is designed with a passion for racing and features the artwork of the Red Bull Global Rallycross series on the ever popular Playseat® Evolution!

Check the photos and read more about our newest racing simulator here!

Playseat® Car Pack 6-2-2017: Forza Horizon 3: Playseat® Car Pack!

The Playseat® Car Pack is coming to Forza Horizon 3! Launching on Tuesday, February 7 the Playseat® Car Pack brings seven new vehicles to the wide-open roads of Australia. The list of cars begins appropriately with one of the favorite cars of an Aussie racing legend, Pete Brock’s 1985 HDT VK Commodore Group A.

Check the photos and video and read more about the Playseat® Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3 here!

Playseat® at the DiRT 4 announcement event! 1-2-2017: Playseat® at the DiRT 4 announcement event!

We partnered up with Codemasters and Koch Media for the official announcement event of DiRT 4! During a big press event with a massive Playseat® simulator line up, it was announced that multi-million selling off-road DiRT franchise returns on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in June 2017!

Check the photos and videos and read more about the DiRT 4 annoucement event here!

Playseat® Formula E racing simulator 19-12-2016: Playseat® Formula E: our new racing simulator!


We celebrate our partnership with Formula E with a new licensed Playseat® racing simulator in the official Formula E style! We proudly present: Playseat® Formula E! Together with Formula E we want to be the bridge between gaming and racing, and there is no gaming simulator in the world that is more connected than Playseat®.

Read more about our Playseat® Formula E simulator here!

2-12-2016: Formula E to boost virtual racing experience with Playseat® simulators!

We have a collaboration with Formula E and will provide state-of-the-art gaming simulators for eRace events, including the inaugural Visa Vegas eRace on January 7! A number of top-level international racing drivers use Playseat® gaming chairs to replicate the position and feeling of racing on track. That’s why the collaboration with electric street racing series Formula E is a perfect match!

Read more about our collaboration with Formula E here!



Our collaboration with PlayStation! 30-11-2016: Our collaboration with PlayStation!

We are very proud to have a collaboration with PlayStation resulting in two awesome PlayStation branded Playseat® chairs! Our brands strengthen and complement each other, always striving to give all gamers worldwide the best racing experience. With PlayStation racing games and a Playseat® racing simulator, you have the perfect combination for the most fun and realistic racing experience!

Read more about our collaboration and new PlayStation racing simulators here!

Formula E driver Daniel Abt looks ahead to the $1 million Vegas eRace 24-11-2016: Formula E driver Daniel Abt looks ahead to the $1 million Vegas eRace

Looking ahead to the Vegas eRace, Daniel Abt talk with Sian Welby about the Road to Vegas eSports competition, where gamers and Formula E drivers get the chance to win a share of $1 million! Ten gamers who qualify online for the Vegas eRace will compete against twenty Formula E drivers with Playseat® and Thrustmaster setups on a completely new track.

Read more about the Vegas eRace here!




eRacing in Las Vegas 1-9-2016: Formula E drivers vs gamers in Las Vegas!

This January gamers can compete againt Formula E racing drivers during the “ePrix” in Las Vegas, with $250K reward for the winner and a total prize money of $1 million! People can qualify for the Vegas eRace via the Road to Vegas Challenge, organized by Cloud Sport. The ten best gamers will be joined by the 20 regular Formula E drivers for the virtual race on a specially designed track that will incorporate the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Read more about the Vegas eRace here!



Introducing: Playseat® L33T! 30-6-2016: Introducing: Playseat® L33T!

The best gaming chair for the ultimate gaming experience is finally here: Playseat® L33T! It doesn’t matter if you’re a shooter fan, play FIFA every day of the week or are conquering online worlds from your console or PC, with Playseat® L33T you will play like a pro! This elite gaming chair is truly tailored to the gamer, with optimal comfort and support for hours of gaming.

Read more about our new Playseat® L33T gaming chairs here!


Playseat® at Formula E 25-5-2016: Formula E in Berlin with Playseat®

We went to Berlin, met lots of interesting people, saw professional racers compete while seated in a Playseat® F1 simulator and had a great time at the Formula E event! t’s a unique event where fast cars race through the streets of big cities, past iconic landmarks. Last weekend the race was held in the heart of Berlin!

Read more about Playseat® at the Formula E in Berlin and check the videos and photos here.

Playseat® at Gran Turismo Sport presentation 23-5-2016: Playseat® at Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport presentation

Gran Turismo Sport was presented at the Copper Box Arena in the best way possible: with Playseat® racing simulators. Especially since Gran Turismo Sport focuses on online racing and eSports, closing the gap with real world racing. In the Copper Box Arena they lined up Playseat® F1 models, so people could experience the game the best and most realistic way possible.

Read more about Playseat® and the game Gran Turismo Sport here.

Formula E drivers compete in eRacing with Playseat®! 25-4-2016: Formula E drivers compete in eRacing with Playseat®!

It’s the second season of the FIA Formula E Championship and this season there’s a nice extra feature: eRacing with Playseat® racing simulators! The Formula E fans who visit the races, can compete against each other in a big eRacing booth, where Playseat® F1 simulators are lined up. The fastest fan is rewarded with a prize and gets the chance to race against Formula E drivers!

Read more about eRacing at Formula E and check the photos and video of last weekend here.

31-3-2016: Playseat® visits Max Verstappen!

When someone like Max Verstappen – youngest Formula 1 driver ever ánd Playseat® racer since he was nine! – needs a new racing setup installed, Playseat® gladly goes by for a visit! We placed a custom made “Max Verstappen F1 seat” in his gaming room. The simulator is completely tailored to Max’s wishes: a unique Playseat® rig!

Read more about our visit and check the video and photos here.

New release: Playset® Project CARS! 24-2-2016: New release: Playseat® Project CARS!

We proudly present our newest racing simulator: the Playseat® Project CARS! This is an officially licensed race chair, developed with our partner Project CARS! The Playseat® Project CARS features the well known, colorful Project CARS logos and imagery combined in one awesome design on the seating and the base of this racing chair.

Read more about the new Playseat® Project CARS here.

21-12-2015: Playseat® Sensation Pro review on RaceDepartment

Hardware editor AussieStig from RaceDepartment has written a great review about the Playseat® Sensation Pro. AussieStig is a big sim racing enthusiast and has written many articles for, a well known sim racing and motorsport website that offers news, games, mods, hardware, forums and online racing events.

Read the Playseat® Sensation Pro review here.


11-12-2015: Race with Playseat® in Project CARS!

You can race with Playseat® in Project CARS! The new Renault Sport Car Pack features new cars and new liveries, including an awesome Playseat® car skin.

Check the images of the Playseat® car skin here.

11-11-2015: Playseat® at the F1 Fan Zone in Mexico

Formula 1 fans had a great time with Playseat® F1 racing simulators at the F1 Fan Zone in Mexico:

Playseat® at the Logitech booth at PAX Australia 2015 9-11-2015: Playseat® at the Logitech booth at PAX Australia 2015 Logitech presented their G29 and G920 Driving Force wheels to the people at PAX Australia 2015 in Melbourne, 31 Oct – 1 Nov. Of course they used Playseat® to promote their products in the best way possible! Check the images of Playseat® at the Logitech booth at PAX Australia.

Daniil Kvyat racing with Playseat®! 9-10-2015: Daniil Kvyat racing with Playseat®! Here are some nice pictures from F1 Gamezone in Russia, where Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat raced with a Playseat® F1 White! We are proud to see a It’s really nice to see the Formula One racer enjoy our racing simulator! Check the images of Daniil Kvyat racing with Playseat® here.

DISTREE APAC 28-9-2015: Playseat® will be at DISTREE APAC in Singapore! The DISTREE Asia Pacific (APAC) assembles the leading regional and in-country technology distributors, tier one retailers and the region’s most influential e-tailers from more than 20 countries to meet with technology vendors in a unique, business friendly environment. Read more about Playseat® at DISTREE APAC here.

DISTREE LatAm 9-9-2015: Playseat® will be at DISTREE LatAm in Brazil! DISTREE LatAm brings together hundreds of senior executives from Brazil’s leading ICT and consumer electronics (CE) retailers and distributors to meet with ICT & CE brands from across the globe. Read more about Playseat® at DISTREE LatAm here.

8-9-2015: Playseat® at the Logitech booth at PAX Prime 2015 Logitech presented their G29 Driving Force wheel to the people at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle and of course they used Playseat® to promote their products in the best way possible! The visitors of the event could take a seat in one of the Playseat® Sensation Pro’s to test the new racing wheel. Check the photos of Playseat® at the Logitech booth here.

Max Verstappen visits Playseat® Headquarters! 24-8-2015: Max Verstappen visits Playseat® Headquarters! As home supplier for Max Verstappen’s virtual racing setup, we welcomed the youngest Formula 1 driver ever with open arms at Playseat® Headquarters. In between the GP’s of Hungary and Belgium, Max Verstappen and his dad (former Formula 1 driver) Jos Verstappen came by for a visit. Read more about Max Verstappen at Playseat® Headquarters and check photos and videos here.

Playseat® at Gamescom 19-8-2015: We had a great time at Gamescom 2015! Two weeks ago Playseat® was at Europe’s biggest game event: Gamescom in Cologne! We had a great time, meeting lots of interesting people and enjoying the enthusiasm of the visitors that got to test Playseat® gaming chairs! It was nice to hear and see all the positive reactions and the atmosphere was great! Read more about Playseat® at Gamescom and check photos and aftermovie here.

Playseat® official supplier for football club De Graafschap! 18-8-2015: Playseat® official supplier for football club De Graafschap! Last weekend De Graafschap – a Dutch football club in the Eredivisie (highest professional football league) – had their first home game of the 2015/2016 season and the staff and players got to sit very comfortable during the match, because Playseat® is the official supplier of De Graafschap with all new, customized chairs! Read more about Playseat® at De Graafschap and see the photos and video here.

Victory for Ricciardo in Playseat® F1 White! 11-8-2015: Victory for Ricciardo in Playseat® F1 White! Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo raced against pro gamer Hakki Jr. (alias of Erik Lestach) in a Playseat® F1 White! In the F1 Gamezone in F1 Village at the Austrian GP, they battled to see who is the best virtual racer; a Formula 1 driver or a pro gamer? Read more about the race and see all photos here.

ChinaJoy 10-8-2015: Playseat® was at ChinaJoy! Playseat® was at ChinaJoy this year! It’s the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China and Logitech partnered up with Playseat® to show their new Logitech G29 racing wheel to the public. Of course the visitors of the event could test the Logitech G29 in the best way possible: seated in a Playseat® Sensation Pro! Read more about Playseat® at ChinaJoy here.

Max Verstappen joins Team Redline! 4-8-2015: Max Verstappen joins Team Redline! Max Verstappen, who came in fourth in the most recent Formula 1 race, has joined Team Redline! It’s the most successful team in online sim racing, competing in tough online competitions where the line between real and virtual racing is very thin. This makes it a fun and challenging way for Max Verstappen to train, especially since he has an awesome Playseat® setup at home: a Playseat® F1 Red Bull, Playseat® Motion System and Playseat® TV Stand – PRO-3S! Read more about Max Verstappen en Team Redline here.

Playseat® is at Gamescom! 31-7-2015: Playseat® is at Gamescom! It’s almost time for Europe’s biggest gaming event: Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany! And Playseat® is there! You can have a chat with our global sales managers or check out the Playseat® Sensation Pro! Click on the link below for more info. Read more about Playseat® at Gamescom here.

14-7-2015: DirtFish races with Playseat®! Our official partner DirtFish trains with Playseat® simulators in their simulator room and races in the Red Bull GRC with our logo on their car! In October 2010, DirtFish Rally School opened its doors to rally fans, automotive enthusiasts and thrill seekers! Read more about DirtFish and check the photos here.

Playseat® Evolution Red hands on review 8-7-2015: Playseat® Evolution Red: exclusive for Middle East Playseat® has a model exlusive for Middle East: the Playseat® Evolution Red! Reviewer Dvlzstation has made a nice (Arabic) hands-on review of this exclusive Playseat® racing simulator, which he combined with a Thrustmaster T300 RS to play Project CARS and show you how awesome this racing chair is. Check the hands-on review here.

E3 2015 16-6-2015: The essential E3 news for racing game fans! It’s time for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, better known as the E3! This is the biggest game event of the year, where release dates are announced, new trailers are shown and games and hardware can be played/tested for the first time and Playseat® is present! Read more about Playseat® at the E3 and things you can look forward to.

Logitech G29 and Logitech G920 12-6-2015: Logitech announced their G29 and G920 racing wheels! Our official partner Logitech has some great news! They announced two new racing wheels: the Logitech 29 and the Logitech G920. Both are compatible with the new Logitech Driving Force shifter. Read more about the Logitech G29 and G920.

Only three more days until the release of our new sensation! 4-5-2015: Only three more days until the release of our new sensation! Yes, that’s right, only three more days until we reveal the newest, revolutionary Playseat® racing simulator! On May the 7th we will show you this new sensation and we think you will be just as excited as we are. The new simulator is all about comfort, fun and realism, for the best possible experience! Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox and our website, so you can be among the first to order. Read more about the release of our new simulator.

DiRT Rally 30-4-2015: DiRT Rally is released! Announced and released at the same time: DiRT Rally! At the moment this new game by Codemasters is only for PC, but depending on its popularity it could also be available for consoles. DiRT Rally captures the essence of what makes rally unique – that sense of trying to remain in control of your emotions, as you hurtle along dangerous, undulating roads at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time. It’s a true off road simulator that’s raw and real and best enjoyed in a Playseat® racing simulator! Read more about DiRT Rally.

NASCAR '15 29-4-2015: The release date of NASCAR ’15! Great news for the NASCAR fans; Dusenberry Martin Racing announced that its NASCAR ’15 racing game will launch for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22, 2015! NASCAR ’15 has been updated with all new 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series paint schemes and features the career mode, teams and tracks, and enhanced online multiplayer and leagues. Read more about NASCAR ’15.

Project CARS 22-4-2015: Our collaboration with Project CARS! We are proud and excited to announce our official collaboration with Project CARS! They have used our racing simulators for their promotional tour and there is of course no better way to play Project CARS than racing in a Playseat® chair! We told you about Project CARS before and now that the game is almost releasing, we want to take a detailed look at the development and features to show you this is the game that racing fans dream of! Read more about the collaboration and the game.

Professional drivers train with Playseat®! 14-4-2015: Professional drivers train with Playseat®! Jules Szymkowiak is a racer for the Bentley Team HTP in the Blancpain GT Series and at home he trains with a Playseat® F1 simulator and is testing the Playseat® Motion System for us! He races with the Playseat® logo on his Bentley! How awesome is that?! Read more about Playseat® helping professional drivers to train and see the Bentley Team HTP photos.

Playseat® at the Shanghai International Circuit 13-4-2015: Playseat® at the Shanghai International Circuit Last Saturday was the Grand Prix in Shanghai and Playseat® was there! Not many drivers are lucky enough to compete in the Formula 1 races, but Playseat® simulators are definitely the next best thing and F1 Gamezone and Mercedes know that! They offered all racing fans at the Shanghai International Circuit a change to experience the realism of Playseat® F1 racing simulators. Read more about Playseat® at the Grand Prix in Shanghai and take a look at the photos.

Inside Sim Racing at the Playseat® stand 13-4-2015: Inside Sim Racing on the Playseat® Xtreme Elite TopGear and Playseat® Motion System Darin Gangi from Inside Sim Racing went to the E3 and visited the Playseat® stand to take a detailed look at the Playseat® Xtreme Elite TopGear and Playseat® Motion System. He talked with Tako Dijkman about the products, raced a few laps and is very enthusiastic! Watch the video here.

2-4-2015: Playseat® at Formula One Peace Road Show Jerusalem hosted the Formula One Peace Road Show for the second time, where visitors of the VIP area that was built for TAG Heuer’s guests had the chance to race in Playseat® simulators! The special area had a game zone where people could test their driving skills in Playseat® F1 models and experience what it’s like to be a Formula 1 driver. Playseat® is always a welcome guest at all racing and gaming related events! Read more about the Formula One Peace Road Show and take a look at the photos.

Playseat® stand at DISTREE EMEA 20153-3-2015: DISTREE EMEA 2015 After the success of last year, we didn’t have to think twice about participating at DISTREE EMEA 2015 in Monaco! Our global sales managers Johan and Roy had a great time once again and we would like to thank all the nice people that came to our stand. The 13th annual DISTREE EMEA created a wealth of channel business opportunities for delegations from 150-plus technology and consumer electronics brands, originating from 70 different countries! Read more about the DISTREE EMEA 2015 and take a look at the videos and photos.

Max Verstappen, youngest Formula 1 driver12-2-2015: From Playseat® to Formula 1 It was 2011 when he won his first Formula 1 race in a Playseat® simulator and this year he will be the youngest Formula 1 driver ever: Max Verstappen! We are proud of “our” Dutch racing hero, that won a Playseat® F1 Red Bull Racing chair when he was fourteen and competed in a Codemasters F1 2011 tournament. We like to think the Playseat® F1 model has helped him get where he is now! Read more about the youngest Formula 1 driver.

19-1-2015: 9lives The Crew event: the The Crew event organized a competition in which four racers had to race each other in The Crew from New York to Los Angeles. One of the prices was a Playseat® Evolution Alcantara with the Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel! Watch the aftermovie here.

17-12-2014: M3’s coolest gadgets of 2014 contestM3's coolest gadget contest Sweden’s largest consumer electronics magazine M3 has made a list of the 100 coolest gadgets of the year 2014 and we are proud to let you know we made it to 17th place with the Playseat® F1! They praise stability and realistic feel of the luxurious gaming chair, which makes sure you are always in the right position for playing Formula 1 games. Read more about M3’s coolest gadgets contest.

4-12-2014: DigiExpo FinlandDigiExpo Finland Playseat® was at DigiExpo in Finland, where visitors could take an exclusive sneak peak at The Crew, a month before its release! Take a look at the images below of Playseat® at DigiExpo, where people raced in the Playseat® Evolution Alcantara. Check the photos of Playseat® at DigiExpo Finland.

27-11-2014: BenQ Grunex Challenge 2014BenQ Grunex Challenge 2014 Last week the gaming tournament BenQ Grunex Challenge 2014 took place in Prague. At the event Playseat® was situated in the booth of LYNX (a local brand of desktop PC’s) where people were very enthousiastic about the Playseat® racing experience. Click on the link below for photos of the event. Read more about BenQ Grunex Challenge 2014.

8-11-2014: Red Bull Racing Quali session Our friends form the Red Bull Racing team are ready to get into the spirit:

8-10-2014: F1 Gamezone: can you beat the best?F1 Gamezone

Not many drivers are lucky enough to compete in the Formula 1 races, but F1 Gamezone offers all racing fans who want to show their skills a change to compete against the best racers, including professional drivers! They are of course using Playseat® F1 racing chairs.

Read more about F1 Gamezone.

7-10-2014: New release: Driveclub for PS4!Driveclub

The release of the long awaited PlayStation 4 game Driveclub is finally here! On October 7th (today!) Driveclub becomes available in America and October 8th Europe can enjoy the next gen racing game.

Read more about the release of Driveclub for PS4.

3-10-2014: Verstappen makes F1 debut in Japan

Max Verstappen delivered an impressive performance on his practice debut in Japan. The Dutchman racked up 22 laps, and was only four tenths slower and two places adrift from his future teammate Daniil Kvyat, before suffering a late engine failure. Having only turned 17 on Tuesday, he became the youngest driver to have appeared at an F1 weekend, taking the record from Vettel, who raced his first free practice aged 19 years and 53 days. Verstappen impressed the crowd by finishing his first ever grand prix weekend session in 12th place ahead of the Force India, Lotus and Sauber drivers, and just four-tenths behind regular Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat. However, with just a few minutes remaining, plumes of smoke emerged from the rear of the Toro Rosso car, forcing him to stop. Nevertheless, it was an impressive public debut for the Dutch youngster.

1-10-2014: Playseat® in Denmark for the GameStop Vendor Show!Forza Horizon 2

Playseat® was once again a welcome guest at a racing game event: the GameStop Vender Show in Denmark. Playseat® supplied game chairs to make sure every visitor could enjoy the unique Playseat® quality and comfort, while playing the newly released Forza Horizon 2 and other games.

Read more about Playseat® at GameStop Vendor Show in Denmark.

23-9-2014: As seen on TV!

Playseat® is proud to have been able to contribute to the dream of Gianni, in the television program SynDROOM of RTL4 (Dutch television).

SynDROOM (DROOM = dream in Dutch) is a program that realises the long cherished wishes, ambitions and dreams of people with the Down syndrome, autistic disorders and related syndromes. In the second seizoen it was Gianni’s turn to see his wish fulfilled. Since he was two, Gianni has loved Formula 1. SynDROOM arranged an intership with Olav Mol (Dutch Formula 1 commentator and presenter) and he even got to ask a Kimi Räikkönen – his biggest idol – few questions! To make his incredible day perfect, SynDROOM surprised Gianni with his very own Playseat® gaming chair.

From now on he can race like a real Formula 1 driver!

SynDROOM's present Gianni in his new Playseat® gaming chair

22-09-2014: GAME24

GAME24On September 19th, nVidia and the PC gaming industry kicked off an unprecedented 24-hour event: GAME24. This unique 24-hour gaming event in London had one simple goal: a worldwide celebration of PC Gaming! Of course Playseat® was attending, with a nice set up to support Thrustmaster.

Read more about Playseat® at GAME24.

Gamescom 2014214_gamescom_Logo_rgb1-1024x600

Guess who will be back at the largest European gaming event? That’s right, we are! We enjoyed it last year so much that we are back for Gamescom 2014 in Cologne. So if you are in Cologne between the 13th and the 15th of august, be sure to contact us for an appointment and visit us at booth A021 in market point pavilion hall 4.2!

We will gladly show you our products, so you can learn more about the Playseat® chairs and accessories and of course try them yourself! We hope to see you there!

Read more about Playseat at Gamescom 2014!

E3-LogoPlayseat® at E3 2014

Ofcourse we’ll be at the E3 again this year and we have some very exciting news, so be sure to visit our stand. Our stand number is 5212. See you soon! UPDATE: Playseat® is announcing three brand new gaming chairs! Playseat® TopGear Xtreme Elite, Playseat® TopGear Evolution and the Playseat® and Playseat® TopGear Office seat will make their debut at the E3 2014 expo in Los Angeles. There will also be a special simulator: the Playseat® Motion. So if you can’t be at E3, be sure to watch our news and product pages for all these new products! Playseat® Motion Playseat® will be introducing its first ever motion simulator at E3 2014! Designed specifically for Playseat® brand seats and engineered with some of the finest motion coding technology available in the industry the Playseat® Motion takes the Playseat® simulation experience to an insane new level! Stop by and check it out first hand! Playseat® TopGear Xtreme Elite The Playseat® Xtreme Elite is the perfect solution for all in one fixed setups for gaming centers, traveling events and promotions! Features the framework needed to easily setup and transport the Playseat® simulation racing experience wherever it needs to go! Playseat® TopGear Edition Evolution Playseat® is pleased to announce its partnership with BBC’s TopGear and will be debuting the new TopGear Edition Playseat® Evolution at E3! TopGear fans rejoice! Playseat® TopGear Office seat The new TopGear branded Playseat® Office seat will be shown for the first time at E3! A must for every TopGear fan who wants to sit comfortably in their office. Playseat® ProKit 2.0 The new Playseat® ProKit 2.0 TV/Monitor screen support accessory will be debuted at E3! The new stand alone accessory now supports TV’s up to 40″ and larger and allows for 3-screen setups.

Read more about Playseat® at E3 2014!

Sneak peek at the Playseat® Motion system

The Playseat® Motion system is an electronic system designed as an add-on for Playseat® gaming chairs to improve the racing experience. The Playseat® Motion is a compact home solution that is compatible with every Playseat® gaming chair and is designed for PC. Adding the Playseat® Motion to your gaming chair makes racing a real deal. The Playseat® Motion can move up- and downwards and is able to bank left, right, forwards and backwards. Do you want to experience the same feeling as racing drivers when they are racing, braking or spinning? If yes, then check our video below and take a sneak peek of the Playseat® motion.