Our collaboration with Project CARS!

Project CARS

We are proud and excited to announce our official collaboration with Project CARS! They have used our racing simulators for their promotional tour and there is of course no better way to play Project CARS than racing in a Playseat® chair! Project CARS and Playseat® are an awesome combination, so we are very happy with the collaboration.

We told you about Project CARS before and now that the game is almost releasing, we want to take a detailed look at the development and features to show you this is the game that racing fans dream of!

Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet, created by Slightly Mad Studios (known for GTR and Need for Speed). They have over 10 years of pedigree in racing games and Project CARS represents the culmination of all that experience and heritage.

The game is being created using a unique crowd-funded/crowd-powered system known as the World of Mass Development, which consists of a community of over 85,000 players that have been contributing/guiding/testing/playing the game since day one. There is no better way to create the perfect game for all racing fans!

Project CARS covers a wide range of motorsports and car culture – from Road Cars to GT, Open Wheel, Prototypes, Endurance, Historic Classics, Supercars, Track Day Cars, and even Karts. This is by far the greatest variety there has ever been in a racing game. Click here for images and videos of the cars.

There are a huge number of iconic locations from around the world with multiple variations of each, giving Project CARS the largest track list of any racing game in recent years. Check the locations here.

The career mode in Project CARS is a sandbox, allowing players to jump straight in to the motorsport career they want and aim to complete one or more Historic Goals that reflect the careers of real-life drivers. Players can play a traditional Zero To Hero path starting in the low ranks and aiming to be LM Prototype champion within a set number of years, try to defend their title three years consecutively in Defending Champ, or aim to be a master of all by winning the Triple Crown in three different disciplines. Get all three and you’ll be entered into the Hall Of Fame as a racing legend. Read more at the website of Project CARS.

Races in Project CARS can be set up to include all qualifying, practice, and warmup sessions along with pit stops. And a dynamic time of day and weather system means you can do endurance races through the night and into the dawn, and start a race in the sunshine and end in the eye of a thunderstorm.

Project CARS uses state-of-the-art physics simulation to deliver an experience as real as possible. Together with further insight from real race drivers including former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins, veteran sim racer Nicolas Hamilton, and European Le Mans Series leading driver Oli Webb Project CARS is as close as you can get to the real thing. Using a Playseat® racing simulator to play Project CARS will give you the most realistic experience!

Players can race online in 16 player races (32 on PC) either in Public games against the world, privately with friends, or even by Invitation Only. With dedicated servers and your Online Reputation being tracked, online races in Project CARS will be both exhilarating, bespoke, and fair.

The Driver Network shows Slightly Mad Studios’ continued dedication and support for the community with a suite of features allowing players to track and compare their stats, share photos and replays, compete asynchronously via time trials with downloadable ghosts, and enter regularly-scheduled community events – sometimes with real-life prizes! Read more at the website of Project CARS.

Because Project CARS supports the virtual reality headsets Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift players can play as if looking through the driver’s eyes. Virtual reality therefore gives players an advantage when playing allowing them unprecedented perception of speed and special awareness. Simply glance left/right when overtaking to ensure a clean pass, look up at the rear-view mirror to block the opponent behind you, and take a close-up look at the stunning interior of your car. Just imagine playing Project CARS while seated in a Playseat® racing chair, with a high quality wheel and pedal set and a virtual reality headset. That’s perfection!

Project CARS

Project CARS will be released May 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U and SteamOS. This is a must play for all racing fans!

Visit www.projectcarsgame.com for more info or go to their Facebook page.