Playseat® at Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport presentation

Gran Turismo Sport was presented at the Copper Box Arena in the best way possible: with Playseat® racing simulators. Especially since Gran Turismo Sport focuses on online racing and eSports, closing the gap with real world racing. In the Copper Box Arena they lined up Playseat® F1 models, so people could experience the game the best and most realistic way possible.

Now that online gaming and eSports get bigger and bigger, Gran Turismo’s newest title for PlayStation 4 focuses more on online multiplayer than previous games in the GT franchise. This doesn’t mean that they have forgotten about their roots, because Gran Turismo Sport has a lot to offer to the people that want to play offline as well.

A gameplay trailer of Gran Turismo Sport was presented in the Copper Box Arena in London and the release date got announced: November 15th in North America and Japan, November 16-18th in the rest of the world.

Check the gameplay trailer here (captured on PS4):

Together with FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, the international governing body of motor sport) Polyphony Digital has developed a game that focuses on competitive multiplayer and brings racing in games and in reality closer together.

The game will offer a lot of online events, in which every gamer can participate. Every weekend there will be local, national and international qualifications for the Nation Cup (where you race for your own country) and the Manufacturer Fan Cup (where you race for your favorite car brand). On weekdays there will be individual events with specific rules. For example an official race with only one car type.

The highest goal in competitive multiplayer will be to qualify for (and win) the virtual FIA World Final. The races will be broadcasted live via various channels for the entire world to watch, with real commentary like in traditional broadcasts, making Gran Turismo Sport part of the international racing culture.

Of course Polyphony Digital made sure there’s still an awesome singleplayer mode of the people who rather game offline. In Campaign there are tutorials, progression and multiple different races with different difficulty levels. Arcade Mode offer individual races and time trails. When Gran Turismo Sport launches you can already race in 117 offline events on 19 locations, with 27 circuits.

With a total of 137 cars – real, prototypes and fantasy cars – there’s plenty of choice!

Gran Turismo Sport will be released November 15th in North America and Japan, November 16-18th in the rest of the world, a great opportunity to start experiencing racing games like they are meant to be with Playseat®! Check our assortment of high quality seats here.