Playseat® with DiRT at WRX Lydden Hill

Racing like a pro at Lydden Hill!

It's all going on at our DiRT 4 truck at Lydden Hill! It's Oliver Solberg vs. Luke Woodham - and Oliver's taking some risky lines for those extra few tenths... Who do you reckon will win?

Geplaatst door DiRT op Zaterdag 27 mei 2017

DiRT landed their DiRT 4 trailer at the WRX Lydden Hill circuit to give WRX fans the chance to play DiRT 4 against their racing heroes in high end Playseat® Sensation Pro simulators! Together with DiRT we provided the best possible racing setups, which are used at home by professional drivers!

Among the racers were pro’s like Luke Woodham, Guy Wilks and youngest rallycross supercar driver Oliver Solberg, who saw his father Petter Solberg win the fifth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship later that day. Check the photos below!

We are happy and proud partners of DiRT and are looking forward to next week’s release of DiRT 4! Are you ready for the new racing game?